4 Most Asked For Office Amenities on Trend for 2020

In today’s business climate, office design has never played a more important role in the success of a business than it does now. As each year passes, more and new technologies are added and new trends are adopted all around the world, which can make it difficult to keep up. However, it also leads to new and exciting opportunities and experimentation for office design each year, and 2020 looks to be no exception. Expect to see trends that exploit office optimization as we move forward into 2020 — and beyond.

Here are some of the trends we predict to see in office spaces in 2020:

Office spaces are driven by experience

This trend is nothing new in industries where the customer or guest experiences are crucial to success, such as retail or hospitality. However, we predict that you’ll start to see this trend spilling over into other industries in 2020.

These on-site amenities and features typically reflect the company and its people, rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach. Some of our favorite examples include massage therapy spaces, yoga studios, walking trails, live music spaces, and espresso or cocktail bars.

Free-range common spaces

Expect to see “free-range” cohabitating spaces in on-trend office spaces in 2020. Co-working spaces are already all the rage, so what’s new? Specifically, how these spaces will be used is what we expect to see evolving. In traditional co-working spaces, multiple companies already come together under one roof to work, but these various businesses still usually operate behind their own walls and in their own spaces. In 2020, we predict seeing the walls coming down, with multiple companies sharing the same space, and sometimes even the same resources and talent.

Bringing the outside in

This “second nature” trend is one that we love, and we’re thrilled that the trend seems to be gaining even more momentum, moving beyond fashionable and trendy and securing its place in true office design philosophy (hence the moniker second nature). Plants have true staying power in today’s office space and have moved far beyond simple potted plants in terms of design and style. Look for biophilic design in new office spaces, with nature acting as the architectural framework in the environment. Living green walls, natural materials, moss walls, natural cues, and green branding will all be hot in 2020.

Handcrafted and unique containers

Today’s consumers are all about unique and handmade artisanal everything, and this is carrying over into office spaces. As the demand for generic, boilerplate office materials continues to dwindle, demand for handcrafted and unique office furnishings is soaring. Expect to see natural and earth-based products popping up, such as baskets handwoven in Africa, handcrafted wooden stands and tables, or one of a kind vessels or pottery.

While it’s nothing new to associate certain brands with environmental activism, consumer’s demand for corporate social responsibility will continue to push companies to make smart and sustainable choices in office decor and design.