4 Ways to Attract the Tech Industry to Your Office Space

4 Ways to Attract the Tech Industry to Your Office Space

Technology is becoming more and more intertwined with everything that we, as consumers, do in our daily lives. Think about it. Amazon now has a way to let their delivery drivers let themselves into your house. Let’s not even get started on the fact that there is now a way to unlock your phone simply by using your face.

And, by all accounts, the technology trends are here to stay, in 2019 and even beyond. With profits in tech soaring, existing tech companies are growing and new tech companies are popping up every day. As a CRE professional, there’s no doubt that you’d like to get a bigger piece of the tech pie… but how?

Here are 4 ways to attract the tech industry to your office space:

  1. Make sure the layout is right

Typically, tech companies are looking for a few specific features when it comes to the layout of their office space. They are generally looking for office space with lots of open areas, with a few private executive offices and at least one large conference room. A nicely equipped break room and common or recreational areas are an added bonus for the employees, who tend to skew younger and work long hours. A few smaller offices, which can double as community call rooms, is also a nice feature.

If this doesn’t sound like your space, and you’re specifically targeting the tech industry for tenants, consider making a few changes to your layout to appeal to this unique audience.

  1. Pay attention to the amenities

Preferring office space with access to desirable amenities certainly isn’t exclusive to the tech industry, but they are definitely included in the masses! If your office space isn’t in close proximity or walking distance to restaurants, shops, etc. consider bringing some of these amenities on site. Fitness centers and onsite cafes or restaurants are a great benefit to employees. You could even consider outsourcing dry cleaning pick up and drop off at a discounted rate for your tenants. Be creative and think outside the box — your tenants will thank you!

  1. Location, location, location

Tech employees tend to be younger and well educated. As such, they appreciate being able to live, work, and play in hip and trendy areas. Office space that is near downtown centers, restaurants and bars is ideal for this crowd. Not only does this allow them to find attractive living space close to work, it also affords the employees the ability to leave the office for a quick break or an errand and get back to work quickly.

  1. Let’s get connected

One major consideration for tech companies is the connection speed. In fact, fiber optic speed has been known to both make and break lease negotiations in CRE. It is crucial to know your building’s capabilities and services — because tech tenants WILL ask. How many phone and Internet providers is your building wired for? How fast do the connections run? Is there a backup generator in case of a power outage? Make sure your building has cutting edge technology and lightning fast connections if you want to appeal to the tech segment.

Appealing to Techies 

As is often the case, the most important thing when trying to attract tenants in the tech industry is to simply think about your audience. Offer office space with an open concept layout, and make sure you have attractive amenities and the latest technologies, and you’re well on your way to landing a new tenant.