Landlords Looking to Increase COVID Detection and Prevention in Buildings

As the U.S. breaks into the market recovery period, everyone is looking to adopt new protocols and policies to cultivate a safe and healthy environment. Business owners and CRE landlords alike are all rushing to get their spaces ready to welcome back occupants for the long haul.

Navigating the New Normals

But, this isn’t necessarily an easy task. Preventing the spread of illness within a busy commercial asset requires a strengthened network of technology paired with innovative solutions.

There’s also the additional challenge of calming the fears and anxiety that people, such as team members, tenants, and their clients, may be feeling about heading back out into the world. After these past few socially-distant months, it’s no surprise that people would be feeling wary about ‘going back to normal’.

Right now, landlords are investing heavily in coronavirus detection and prevention. Commercial real estate landlords and property operators are doing all that they can to secure their tenant retention by getting them to finally return to their improved assets. Technology is playing a key role in these efforts as experts name it the industry’s best bet to establish safe and healthy building environments.

Here are a few of the ways that landlords are prepping their buildings with COVID detection and prevention strategies:

AI-Powered Cameras

AI cameras are serving as the eyes of a building – while going above and beyond what the naked eye could detect. Many commercial landlords are investing in thermal cameras to screen the building’s occupants for fever before entering the building and within common areas.

Smart camera systems are also being used to monitor behaviors and maintain safety protocols, such as social distancing, and the proper use of personal protective equipment like masks and gloves.

New Health-Minded Positions within CRE

Health professionals are being hired into CRE to guide and lead the industry’s COVID response. This collaboration is helping create safe commercial environments using proven and data-tested safety practices as the industry navigates reopening.

Virus-Resistant HVAC Filters

Since the coronavirus is an airborne pathogen, landlords and tenants have been looking for ways to filter out the virus traveling around their building’s HVAC system. As we still have more to learn about COVID and its tendencies, this application of filters still needs to be perfected. Data is actively helping professionals create this system.

Data’s Role in Occupant Monitoring

A key way to prevent the virus from spreading around a building is through robust data collection and analysis. Data has been incredibly useful throughout the pandemic as it has the capacity to predict outbreaks in advance based on behaviors and other information.

Facial recognition capacities are allowing landlords to keep track of who’s who in the building, which can aid in contact tracing if a person tests positive for the virus. All in all, data is helping landlords know what to look out for and when to take action… before it’s too late.

Cutting-edge technology paired with creative solutions is carrying the weight as the commercial arena continues to move towards the post-COVID world.