Lessons from Fitness Retailers Amid Re-Opening

One thing has been sure since the pandemic’s first market closure announcements were made: reopening wasn’t going to be easy.

Now that we’re on the other side of the initial lockdown, that statement still rings true. Everyone still has questions about what exactly to do. How are businesses of all kinds expected to live up to COVID’s consumer expectations? How can companies make sure people are comfortable, safe, and confident? These challenges extend into every area, from updated protocols to complete redesigns of the physical space.

It’s a big responsibility, but someone needs to dive in first to test out the climate and set the trends for others to follow. The one living up to this role is fitness centers, being one of the first establishments allowed to re-open in many states.

Here are 5 things everyone can learn from fitness retailers as they spearhead the re-opening movement.

Be Ready to Kick-Off Strong

There’s no room for errors during the early stages of market reopening. In the days leading up to the hanging the first ‘open’ sign over the doors, all businesses should be preparing to implement the region’s official re-opening guidelines.

Train the team, re-organize the interior spaces, and make sure there’s enough PPE to go around.

Social Distancing, Disinfecting, and other Safety Measures

Perfecting your business safety protocols is an obvious step in the re-opening process. Fitness centers all over the country have been getting studying up on action-steps that actually work to maintain a healthier commercial environment.

Make sure the space is equipped for social distancing, clean often with products proven to disinfect and kill germs, and limit the headcount of people on the premises at any given time.

Regaining Trust Won’t Happen ASAP

Fitness retailers are taking things slow. The data suggests that consumers won’t be won over so quickly. It will take time to fully regain the trust of your customers – even the everyday visitors.

It takes consistent efforts, persistence, and patience. Be ready to talk to clients about how your brand is going above and beyond to mitigate the looming risks.

Redesigning Spaces

Many fitness retailers took advantage of the time their doors were shut to embark on renovation projects that had been placed on the backburner. While adding exciting new amenities, these spaces also incorporated COVID-savvy interior design schemes.

This means wider aisles, more distance between personal spaces, and un-crowding anywhere that would pile up people. Interior spaces for all businesses likely need to be adjusted to keep pace with re-opening trends.

Whether it’s through a large scale renovation or a simple move-around of decor elements, there are plenty of ways to accomplish this. Some commercial tenants even moved into new locations altogether.

Employees Come First

Regardless of industry, the main focus of any business reopening needs to be their teams. The long term success lies in the health, protection, and happiness of your employees. Fitness retailers are making sure that their front-line workers are their primary consideration.

These 5 tips are valuable insights as the country navigates the mysterious territories of the post-closure atmosphere.