These Tech Advances are Helping Us All Be More Productive

It’s 2020 and business and technology go hand-in-hand. At this point, all businesses are tech businesses. Regardless of the industry, service, or technology application, everybody is using contemporary tools to support their business.

We all need technologies to run our businesses and advances here are commonly at the forefront of company goals for expansion and growth – whether you’re exclusively a “tech company” or not.

On a massive scale, technology is pushing businesses forward. Here are some of the biggest technological advancements that are keeping us all productive, successful, and connected.


Headlines everywhere revolve around the newest wave of technology standard. Since it’s top-of-mind within the tech sphere, it’s only natural to mention 5G first.

5G is short for the fifth-generation standard of technology for wireless communications. This covers WiFi, cellular, data transmission, and much more. This latest generation is far superior to anything that we’ve ever seen before.

5G’s capacity introduces a bandwidth that can achieve faster download speeds and enhanced connection. Overall, it’s the first step towards a seamless wireless experience. 5G is key to the tech advancements of the future because it finally makes things like the Smart City attainable.

Smart Technology

Smart Tech is the norm for 2020. At home, at the office, and in the commercial scene, Smart Technology integrations have transformed ‘easy’ into ‘automated’.

This intelligent tech takes the stress away from small and simple tasks by making them hands-free – and at the very least, at the touch of a button. From lighting and entertainment to utilities and beyond, our everyday tools are getting upgraded by technology so we can spend more time on the things that matter.

The Cloud

Filing cabinets are so last decade. Today, we don’t even need flash drives or data hubs. It’s all in the Cloud. This storage space is wireless and remote, making it accessible anytime and anywhere.

Everything from business data to personal files is saved on the Cloud and can be explored from nearly any mobile device. With the cloud, there’s no more digging for paperwork or records – it’s all neat, safe, organized, and backed-up.

Artificial Intelligence

While many of us aren’t using physical robot tools (yet), AI is still undeniably a part of modern life. The most common application of artificial intelligence today is within data and analytics. Most of our automated learning, pattern recognition, and strategy building is thanks to the cognitive powers of AI.

But, AI also helps businesses and consumers through automated responses and communications.

When you pop on nearly any website, an AI-powered chat box pops up with a friendly greeting. It’s ready to connect you, answer FAQ, and walk you through the process. It gets people the automatic help they need without having a team member do the work. It’s a widespread win.

These 4 tech applications have already changed our world in many ways. As new advancements roll out they will continue to keep us productive as a global community.