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NAI Significa

NAI Significa is part of NAI Global, a leading global commercial real estate brokerage firm. Currently, there are more than 375 offices around the world, with more than 6,000 local market professionals. We complete in excess of € 17 billion in commercial real estate transactions annually.

NAI Significa was founded in 2011 as Cenilna družba d.o.o. Founders Simon Kavka and Andrej Lampe have extensive experience in real estate, where they have been working for over 15 years. Partner Matija Filiplič leads Corporate Finance Services department. NAI Significa is the only global consulting company in Slovenia with experience in valuation services ranging from real estate, business to machines and equipment, as well as real estate brokerage, energy review certificates, and last but not least, financial consulting services. There is one RICS member and one CFA member. NAI Significa is one of the leading companies in the field of valuation in Slovenia. Annually, we estimate more than 3 million square meters in the region, totalling over 1 billion €. Currently, we consist of 20 highly-qualified professionals. In June 2018, Cenilna družba d.o.o. team joined international group NAI Global under the new name NAI Significa. We became part of a global power that drives the market with commercial real estate and related services. Access to the international market allows us to see further enabling us to offer significantly better and more complex services.

Certified Valuers

Jure Fleischman

Jure Fleischman holds a Master’s degree in Law and property management. He is a Certified Real Estate Valuer. In addition, he is a judicial valuer for the field of construction (subsection real estate) and a certified real estate agent. He is a member of the Slovenian Institute of Auditors and a member of the Association of Judicial Appraisers and Experts.

In addition to many years of experience in real estate valuation, he has experience in real estate brokerage and development of real estate projects.

Matija Filiplič, CFA

Matija Filiplič holds a University degree in Economics and a Master’s degree from London School of Economics. He is a Certified Business Valuer and holder of the CFA licence, an international license that brings together financial experts around the world. He is a member of the Slovenian CFA Society and the Slovenian Institute of Auditors.

Prior to working at NAI Significa, he gained his experience at NLB d.d. where he worked for over 10 years in the field of corporate finance. In addition, he led sell-side M&A processes, advising on purchases and sales of companies and has experience performing financial due diligence of companies.

Sabina Gregorič

Sabina Gregorič holds the University degree in Law and works as a legal adviser specialized in contractual, property, spatial, construction and obligations law.

She has more than 15 years of experience in real estate and has worked for biggest real estate companies such as DRI, Mercator, d.d. and Erste Group. Besides that she is a Certified Real Estate Valuer and a real estate broker.

Simon Kavka MRICS

Simon Kavka holds a University degree in Economics. He is a Certified Real Estate Valuer and Machine and Equipment Valuer with over 15 years of experience. In 2013, he became member of RICS for the field of real estate valuation in Slovenia. He is also a member of the Slovenian Institute of Auditors.

In addition to many years of experience in real estate valuation, he also has extensive experience in real estate brokerage. He has worked with clients such as Swarovski, Adecco, Syngenta, Publikum, Veletekstil d.d., Žito d.d. etc.

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