5 Building Updates to Keep Your Office Space Attractive to Tenants

Looking to up the prospect intrigue of your office space?

In these times, it may be a good idea to upgrade your office building to make it the very best it can be. These are 5 physical building updates that can be made right now to appeal to tenants:

Create Flexible Branding Areas

Strategizing is all about knowing your target audience.

As company culture is top-of-mind for businesses right now, it may be wise to provide your tenants with the ability to proudly embrace their brand. Office tenants will likely want to express their corporate identity somewhere in their leased space, so consider adding an area to do so.

Not only does this provide a perk that many competing office assets do not offer, but it also will help make your office feel more like a permanent home for their business.

Consider setting aside a wall that can easily be repainted or refurbished where tenants can post their company logo in a large scale format. Make sure to include this point in your market listings as a company culture bonus!

Privacy Pods

Even before the new social distancing concerns relating to the pandemic privacy pods were already a popular feature within the office space.

In the contemporary lens, it helps support a safe and healthy work environment for team members and other tenants. However, they also come along with the added benefit of reducing noise and distractions in the workplace and providing a quiet space for team members who need to focus.

These reasons and more are making privacy pods a highly coveted aspect of office assets, so consider investing in these for your space.

Health and Wellness Considerations

Tenants are looking for a healthy and positive space to house their business. Adding a touch of nature to your office space can breathe fresh life into even the most outdated buildings.

Large windows, open-air, outside spaces, and natural lighting will provide the proper balance that tenants are looking for. Low-light indoor plants will elevate the overall design of the space.

These upgrades are known to reduce stress and cultivate a happier and healthier workspace environment – something that tenants cannot resist.

Smart Technology

Smart Technology is a major avenue of competition for commercial office leasing.

Upgrading your office space with some strong Smart Technology additions can significantly boost the property’s tenant appeal. Smart locks, security systems, temperature controls, screens, and speakers are all great places to shop around.

Not only do these improve the tenant experience, but Smart Technology is known to significantly reduce utility usage which can save your tenant money on their monthly bills.

The Little Things Count

Not all office building upgrades need to be extreme. The little things count, too.

Don’t underestimate the value of a fresh coat of paint, some new fixtures, and a beautiful landscaping job. Spend time fixing up the detailed elements of your property independent or in addition to the bigger projects. Office tenants care about the full picture, not just the wow factors.

Get the most out of your office portfolio by enhancing your assets with these 5 tips and watch tenant interest soar.