5 Important Tech Innovations that Impacted Retail in 2019

Technology and retail go hand in hand. As technology continues to advance, it changes the way retail operates.

Looking back, 2019 was a big year for both industries. We’ve seen massive changes in global retail technologies — and the advancements are here to stay. From AI to virtual reality, the retail industry has been introduced to tons of tech that has changed contemporary shopping for the better.

Let’s take a look at the most noteworthy retail tech additions of 2019:

Increased BOPIS Capacity

The buy-online-pick-up-in-store module, conveniently named BOPIS, has reached unprecedented heights this past year.

These advancements are all thanks to cutting-edge technologies. The e-commerce network has perfected itself to be able to facilitate a seamless system where shoppers can purchase something online and then easily pick up their packages in stores.

This online network of data systems are to thank for achieving this convenient, quick, and revolutionary retail feat.


While not every shopper has been directly exposed to Artificial Intelligence while shopping, it slowly began to make its way onto the retail scene in 2019.

Last year acted as a gateway for AI’s mass retail integration. The industry slowly released AI-powered devices to streamline tasks, interact with shoppers, and do simple assignments like restock shelves or answer chat-box questions on brand websites.

Overall, the public enjoyed the help from AI in optimizing their shopping experiences. The test-run got a thumbs up, so keep an eye out for what’s to come.

Augmented and Virtual Realities

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality made a big entrance onto the retail scene in 2019. AR and VR are helping shoppers decide on what products to buy with their tech-fueled ability to implant products onto live-action photos from their lives.

We’re seeing this in dressing rooms, cosmetic stores, and even on interior design websites. AR and VR are helpful tools that are letting people ‘try things on’ without the physical time and effort.

Consumers have widely approved of this new system and enjoy the numerous benefits that come along with flexible-reality integrated into retail.

Digital Cashier Systems

2019 saw the major switch from old-fashioned cash registers to sleek tech-powered digital payment systems.

These cashier software use technology to receive payments, cash them out, and keep the finances organized. The new electronic options also have better data and analytical capacities which can be a major booster for small businesses. The old module is already outdated as we enter into 2020.

Facial Recognition

Creating a customized shopping experience was a major point of focus in 2019. Brands were looking for ways to make the consumer experience more tailored to each specific shopper – and the savviest ones found success with technology.

Facial recognition is facilitating a custom and unique brand experience for every individual shopper. Thanks to tech-powered cameras and AI sensors, consumers get their own advertisements, product recommendations, and more. Brands like Amazon are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with facial recognition technology – and it all began in 2019.

These technologies made a massive impact on retail last year. What do you expect from retail technology in 2020 and beyond? Stay tuned to keep up with the latest.