Is the Outdoor Office Just a Trend?

In search of greater workspace positivity, enhanced team performance, and professional wellbeing; today’s offices are getting closer to nature.

Outdoor offices are making waves in the world of workspace design. This new trend is expanding the boundaries of the office layout and tons of property developers are eager to hop on board. But, it may be wise to take a deeper look at the situation to see if and how it could be applied to your CRE property.

If you’re thinking about adding an outdoor office to your existing building, you might want to consider these 3 points, first.

Why Bring Business Outside?

The question might be better asked ‘why not bring business outside?’

In the past decade alone, the world of business has taken on a completely new face. As global professional culture continues to adapt, the physical spaces need to keep up, too.

Countless trends have made their mark on workspace design. The open office concept, flexible space, eco-chic, and even modular designs have all pushed the boundaries of the physical spaces where work gets done. But, throughout all of these phases, one factor remains – a connection to the outdoors.

Adding plants and larger windows were on everyone’s ‘list of office improvements’. Today, this demand has taken the forefront as offices are actually moving outside. Contemporary research and analytics prove that connecting with nature and biophilic elements can work wonders in a professional atmosphere.

Motivation, happier moods, and better health are just some of the benefits commonly associated with workspaces integrating more nature. Adding an outdoor work environment as an option for tenants and team members is the latest way that CRE’s office sector is tapping into the perks of natural exposure on the workforce.

Will the Outdoor Office Movement Stay Strong?

Just because the outdoor office is relatively new on the scene doesn’t mean it’s not here to stay. The sudden burst in popularity and interest is likely in response to a need felt by many office tenants and CRE developers – especially those working in temperate climates. The industry has been steadily moving closer to nature and the outdoor office boom represents the next big step.

Whether it’s to build a strong company culture or boost productivity, outdoor offices are a great way to maximize a company’s potential.

3 Tips to Make it Work

While many benefits come along with adopting the outdoor office trend, use these forward-thinking tips to avoid any bumps along the way.

The experts recommend designing specialty areas that accommodate multiple different purposes. Create key areas for desk-like tasks, relaxation, and team discussions. Always choose furnishings that are both ergonomic and business-oriented, and don’t forget to add plenty of tables.

Be sure to incorporate shade-providing umbrellas and heavy paperweights to keep the elements from interfering with users’ workflows.

Choose easy to clean furnishings that can weather out any storms. Look for strong and durable materials that won’t get distressed or degraded easily to avoid having to make hasty replacements.

Apply these 3 tips when expanding your office outdoors.