Smart Home Technology Making the Office More Enjoyable

After Smart Technology broke onto the commercial real estate scene, things would never be the same again.

Advances in Smart Technology have been revolutionizing the way that CRE tenants are interacting with the industry’s physical spaces – and it’s made a huge impact on improving the tenant experience.

One such industry that’s reaping the benefits of Smart building technology is the office sector. By integrating the latest and greatest Smart tools into professional environments, building users are not only boosting productivity and efficiency but also having fun while doing it.

Here are 4 Smart home technologies that are making the contemporary office scene more enjoyable.

Office Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are dominating the Smart technology market. It’s one of the most coveted tech integrations in workspace design.

Voice assistants take hands-off to a whole new level. These tools allow team members to interact with tech simply by speaking, helping them to seamlessly stay organized, navigate through their workday, and juggle multiple tasks at once.

Safety and Security

One of the largest motivations to make the switch to Smart Tech is security. These digitally-powered cameras, sensors, and the Internet of Things are all raising the standards of office security.

Office properties who are looking to go beyond the norm can invest in these two interesting Smart-security applications:

  • Consider employing an app that can grant access to relevant areas to team members with advanced clearance access.
  • Cyber-security is a massive concern for office properties. In order to avoid a crisis and provide your tenants with added support, adopt a digital security tool to keep virtual information safe.

These Smart adoptions go beyond the usual to increase the value of the investment. These out-of-the-box aspects may be the convincing factor that elevates your listing above competitors.

Lighting and Ambiance

Smart technology has an unparalleled ability to set the perfect mood. Today’s workforce is all about flexibility and tenants are looking for ways to optimize every different area of their workflows.

A great way to facilitate a seamless transition between tasks is with Smart lighting and other ambiance-perfecting technologies such as digital acoustic tools. Sound and lighting have a major influence on the workspace experience and including these Smart technologies can increase a listing’s perceived market value.

Smart acoustic tools have the power to emit soundwaves that can cancel out background noise, promote focus and stamina, and tons more.

When considering lighting, always choose the system with the most setting options. This will ensure that building users will be able to freely customize the atmospheric lighting according to each task’s specific requirements.

Smart Panels

No office building is complete without Smart panels. If there’s only one tech feature that you’re going to add to your list, it should be this one. Smart panels can be applied in a myriad of different ways that boost business and enhance productivity. They can be used as screens, writing boards, and even projectors.

Consider adding these Smart building features within commercial office portfolios to cultivate greater property values and happier tenants.