The Cloud is More Important than Ever: 4 Reasons Why

The “Cloud” has always been very important to commercial real estate. But in light of the recent global events, this dynamic data storage system is now more vital than ever before.

These 4 reasons are why the Cloud is playing a key role in business, not only in commercial real estate, but in businesses as a whole.

2020: The Apex of the Cloud

While we’re about halfway through the year, tech experts are calling 2020 the apex point of the Cloud.

This year has been extreme and full of lessons, so analysis being made at this point is fueled by a ‘stress test’ of maximum proportions. As a response to the pandemic’s impact on physical infrastructure, it’s clear that contemporary businesses need a remote solution for storing data.

Because of these harsh lessons, any companies that had a strong Cloud system in place were better suited to function without interruptions during the market closures. On the other hand, businesses that were behind on their Cloud backups or were still relying on physical data storage devices were in a tight spot.

This competitive phenomenon rooted in the Cloud is pushing for the widespread adoption of this technology by businesses all around the world.

Supporting Your Business During WFH

The massive transfer of businesses to the web has instigated a large push to a more digitized industry.

When you use the Cloud, all of your devices can seamlessly be connected and data can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Cloud storage is easier to use and more widespread than other data storage devices making it a clear choice for many business owners.

For the many companies that are choosing to transition into a more permanent remote working model, Cloud storage solutions fit in well because they do not require any physical space to function.

They don’t need to rely on an office or storefront to access their logistics, which fits in line with 2020’s culture of uncertainty for business strategies.

Open Access, Easy, and Modern

If your team is remote, the only actual solution to data sharing is the Cloud. Your team doesn’t need to be plugged in anywhere or located in a specific area to gain access to the information that they require to get work done.

Going mobile is a mandatory aspect of business today. The Cloud is a key tool that teams need to stay competitive, modern, and relevant. Even small businesses can benefit from using the Cloud.

It’s providing everyone with access to the web with state-of-the-art data storage technology.

Data is Key for Lasting Success

In commercial real estate and beyond, data has been a primary source of competition in the business arena. Data and analytics are at the core of professional knowledge and strategic power.

Tech today has the capacity to collect, store, and analyze massive amounts of information. The Cloud is one of the only efficient ways to store all of this data, being one reason out of many that the Cloud is key to long term business success.