Real estate consulting

Current condition review

Current condition review of the buildings includes a comprehensive overview and a detailed estimate of the condition of the property. It is intended for property owners, buyers or investors. It allows you to understand the state of the property and all the risks and potential expenditures that are or will be needed in the future. Based on the review, maintenance plans for real estate can be made, and help potential investors in deciding on future investments.

Energy review

Energy review shows the existing state of the building, consumption of energy and water, and provides an assessment of living and working conditions. In the scope of the review we also make an assessment of the possibilities of reducing energy consumption and running costs. We suggest solutions in the field of energy efficiency, improvement of living and working conditions, as well as solutions to other problems of the facility.

Energy review certificate

An energy certificate is a certificate that shows energy properties of the building. According to the law, any building sold, leased or owned by a public authority must have an energy certificate.

The obligation was imposed by the Energy Act (EC-1). The certificate may be issued by persons authorized by the competent ministry. If the owner does not provide an energy certificate in the aforementioned cases, they may be fined.